? What purpose does it have in relation to your work?

Discuss how you would use the PQRST mnemonic to conduct a systematic assessment of Andrew’s chest pain.
July 7, 2020
Prepare two educational handouts (two pages each), one for community members and patients and one for health care providers, that provide information about common bacteria or viruses and how to reduce the risk of infection.
July 7, 2020

? What purpose does it have in relation to your work?

The thesis has not been generated
Our written assignment this week is an Outline and an Annotated Bibliography. The Outline includes the Introduction and the main points you are required to address from the assignment directions (see Week 5 Final Paper directions). The introduction must include a thesis statement. If you need assistance with this please use theThesis Generatorin theAU Writing Center. Under each segment of the outline include several sentences that briefly explain your thoughts about the questions in the instructions. The outline should be at least two full pages.
To complete the Annotated Bibliography locate a minimum of five scholarly sources you intend to use in your paper. These may change for your final assignment. First provide the full APA-style reference. Second summarize the main points in the sourcein your own words. Next you will describe how and/or why this source will contribute to your paper. This portion of the assignment should be at least two full pages.The OWL at Purdue has directions for an annotated bibliography here:https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/614/03/
The layout of your Annotated Bibliography should look like this:
Reference in APA style:
IN YOUR OWN WORDS (no copy/paste) describe the message of the resource. Provide a summary of the material.
Discuss how the information will add to your final project. Is it in support of your thoughts and research? Does it give an opposing view that will give you room to argue against? What purpose does it have in relation to your work? This segment is also in your own voice.
This Part is Due by11pmtonight
Writing the Final Paper Outline and Annotated BibliographyThis assignment:
Must include an annotated reference page that is formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
This may help with choosing a topic and guiding the thesis
Week 5 – Final Paper
Summative Assessment
Grandmother Ella has had cancer for years now and has followed alternative remedies from the time she was first diagnosed. Ella had a period of remission; however the cancer returned and has metastasized to her bones liver and lungs. She is in the hospital after collapsing from weakness. She is being released from the hospital as she wishes to spend her last days and months at home. Ella has her preferences for care though she is now so weak that she has given up in many ways. The family members are each experiencing their own fears and are grieving as they face the loss that will occur when Ellas life ends. Ella feels stressed by the discord and discomfort of family members.
For this final assignment you are the social worker for this case. You meet this family in the hospital setting. You learn that Ella wants to return home with care from the Hospice nurse and health aide. Ellas husband also wants her to return home; however several of her children and their spouses want Ella to remain in the hospital or move to a nursing home so she gets professional care.
For this assignment you are required to use the outline form with subtopic headers from the Week 3 assignment. Address the following items in your work:
The Final Paper
Carefully review theGrading Rubricfor the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.


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