Health Diversity

Today, nurses operate in the culturally diverse environment. The contemporary health care setting incorporates both professionals and patients with a diverse cultural background as well as social level. In such a situation, healthcare professionals have to pay a lot of attention to cultural needs of their patients, while nurses are particularly concerned with issues related to diversity because they spend more time with patients than any other healthcare professionals. Therefore, professional nurses have to understand the diverse needs of their patients and take into consideration cultural as well as individual peculiarities of each patient to provide them with health care services of the high quality. In such a way, nurses are able to facilitate the recovery of patients and help them to pass through their health problems successfully returning to the normal life. In stark contrast, the ignorance of diversity-related issues may lead to the failure of nurses to succeed in their work and, what is even more important, the ignorance of diversity put under a threat positive outcomes of the treatment conducted by physicians with the assistance of nurses because patients cannot recover if nursing is inefficient which is the case of nurses’ unawareness of diverse patients’ needs and expectations. In such a way, the diversity is an integral concept of the modern nursing and nurses should understand the essence of diversity and be able to find an individual approach to each patient respectively to their diverse cultural and individual needs to provide effective health care services to all patients.

Diversity in the Nursing field is essential because it provides opportunities to administer quality care to patients. Diversity in Nursing includes all of the following: gender, veteran status, race, disability, age, religion, ethnic heritage, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, education status, national origin, and physical characteristics. Communication with patients can be improved and patient care enhanced when healthcare providers bridge the divide between the culture of medicine and the beliefs and practices that make up a patient’s’ value system.

When the Nursing workforce reflects its patient demographic, communication improves thus making the patient feel more comfortable. A person who has little in common with you cannot adequately advocate for your benefit. Otherwise, you might as well have a history teacher in charge of advanced algebra.

If you have Nurses who understand their patient’s culture, environment, food, customs, religious views, etc, they can provide their patients with ultimate care. Every healthcare experience provides an opportunity to have a positive effect on a patient’s health. Healthcare providers can maximize this potential by learning more about patients’ cultures. In doing so, they are practicing cultural competency or cultural awareness and sensitivity.

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