Nursing personal statement

Writing a nursing personal statement

When preparing to apply to a graduate nursing program, there are many requirements and submission guidelines to remember. The component that allows you to tell your unique story — your personal statement — is one of the most important.

Writing a compelling personal statement for an MSN program takes time and can be challenging for some applicants. Just as a poorly written essay can hinder your chances of acceptance, a great one can set you apart from other applicants. Below are three steps to writing a personal statement that will make a positive impression on any admissions committee.

Some nursing jobs may require you to write a personal statement. Here’s how to show how well you can nurse in a few hundred words …

Your personal statement is your first opportunity to impress a possible future employer. You only have a few hundred words, but get these right and you’ll be sat in the interview room before you know it.

Why are you applying?

Employers are looking for someone who is passionate about their specific job, not someone who wants any job they can find. Your personal statement is an opportunity to tell your future employer how enthusiastic you are about the unique position they are offering.

Why should they hire you?

You’ve probably already listed your qualifications in other sections of your application, so don’t waste words repeating yourself. Your personal statement is all about setting you apart from everyone else and is a chance to show what a perfect candidate you are.

Use their job description to your advantage

An employer’s job description tells you exactly what they are looking for in an ideal world. You need to let them know how well you match it.

Run through their job description and list, with examples, why and how you could fulfill each requirement.


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