Nursing Practice & Decision Making 1 Essay

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June 15, 2021
Nursing Practice and Decision Making 1 – Dementia Scenario
June 15, 2021

Nursing Practice & Decision Making 1 Essay

Assessment Brief:

This assignment is based on a case study of a patient / service user. The case patient / service user need to be one of the case studies provided on Blackboard or, if agreed with your tutor, a case study of a patient / service user from practice.

In the case study you need to discuss and critique the decision making processes required in the assessment and delivery of care for the patient / service user in the case study (3,500 words +/- 10% excluding references).

This will enable you to draw on some of the theoretical perspectives explored during the module so that you meet the module learning outcomes. The nurse’s role will be an important focus and you will need to demonstrate that you understand the importance of shared decision making in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of care. Although symptom management is an important area additional dimensions are to be considered which can influence how well individuals cope. This will involve addressing psychosocial factors as well as reflecting on how policy in terms of service delivery can promote person centred care.

Module Learning Outcomes

  1. Promote an environment in which human rights, values, customs and spiritual beliefs of the person and family are respected.
  2. Undertake a systematic, comprehensive, holistic assessment that enables
    immediate and personalised care for people with mental and physical health problems.
  3. Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of common physical and mental health problems as well as possible co-morbidity, relevant to field of practice.
  4. Critically analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of a range of possible evidence-based interventions using shared decision making with users, carers and other care professionals.
  5. Recognise, interpret and respond appropriately to signs of deteriorating physical and mental health.

Essay Structure

  1. Introduction
    An introduction generally need to answer these 3 questions.
  2. What? The introduction must begin by clearly explaining what the essay is about. This section needs to explain in your own words what is required in the assignment brief given above.
  3. How? The third part of the introduction need to outline how the essay is
  1. Why? An introduction needs to articulate why the topic under
    consideration is of significance.


  1. Brief discussion of the theory of decision making (Learning Outcome 4).
  2. Explain the significance and importance of this topic to nursing practice
    and/or your development as a student nurse (rationale) (Learning
    Outcome 4).
  3. Set the scene for the case-study and offer a rationale offering evidence
    regarding the significance of the chosen case-study. (Learning Outcome
  4. Present a short summary highlighting the important points of the case
    study (if choosing a patient from practice, include more detailed information as an appendix. Remember to maintain patient confidentiality and remove any identifiable information throughout). (Learning Outcome 3).

The main discussion of your work should demonstrate an understanding of clinical reasoning and decision making processes applied to the following themes:

  1. Discuss your approach to systematic, comprehensive and personalised
    holistic assessment of your case-patient / service user that identifies physical and/or mental and health problems (Learning Outcome 2). You need to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of common physical and mental health problems as well as possible co-morbidity, relevant to your chosen field of nursing practice (Adult / Child / LD / MH). You need to clearly undertake a detailed discussion of each of the needs you have identified (Learning Outcome 3).
  2. Explore and discuss your interpretation and responses to the
    assessment(s) undertaken. You need to discuss your interpretation and
    responses to each of the needs identified in your assessment. You need to
    clearly discuss appropriate symptom management and a plan of ongoing care for each of the needs identified. You must consider any signs of actual or potential deterioration of physical and/or mental health (Learning Outcome 5).
  3. Discuss a plan of care required to address the identified needs. Your
    discussion needs to demonstrate appropriate analysis and evaluation of
    evidence-based interventions that use shared decision making with users, carers and other care professionals (Learning Outcome 4). In the
    discussion of your interventions, you need to explore how the promotion of an environment in which human rights, values, customs and spiritual beliefs


a. Summary. Summarise the key learning points that have emerged from
the essay.
b. Recommendations. You may want to identify what you need to learn or
do in order to improve your knowledge and skills you have learnt
through undertaking this essay.


Appropriate referencing is an important element of academic writing.
Ensure that you have used the most up-to-date UWL recommended referencing guide available through the library. It is important that you use relevant and reliable sources of information avoid grey literature unless for a specific purpose.
Your reference list needs to demonstrate wide reading of all the relevant topics for the essay,


Appendices serve both the writer and the reader of your essay. In an appendix, you can include material that supports your work but that would be distracting or too long in the text of the essay. Material in an appendix must be relevant to the essay, and links and references between the appendix and the essay need to be made in the main text. This is where you attach your care plan, for example.


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