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December 3, 2021
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Sentinel City Simulation

Sentinel City Simulation 

A windshield survey can be defined as personal observation collected while driving, or walking in the community. This paper focuses on a windshield survey to complete the virtual experience of Sentinel City. Every society can be defined based on physical aspects within the community. A trip through Sentinel city revealed important information about the community 

Characteristics of the People in Sentinel City 

Sentinel city neighborhoods include Industrial Heights, Acer Tech Center, Casper Park District, and Nightingale Square. Industrial Heights has the least and Casper Park District has the highest. People above 65 years of age make up about 10% of the population, while those under 18 years constitute about 21.7%. The city consists of various racial groups. The whites are the majority at 80.6%, Asians constitute 3.7%, Hispanic/Latinos 31.5%, African Americans 10.4%, Native Americans, and Alaska constitute 2% of the population. 49.9% of the population in Sentinel City consists of women (Healthcare learning innovations, 2020).  Nightingale’s white population is 81.3%, Hispanic/Latinos at 3.7%.

Adults between the ages of 18-64 years are the majority at 77.8%, 2.4% are children under 5 years, those under eighteen years constitute 5.9% and those over 65 years are 13.9%. Predominant population in Acer Tech Center, are the whites at 70.2%, and 13.7% are Hispanic/Latinos. Children under 17 years constitute 11.1% while those over 65 years constitute 19.8%. The population in Casper Park District consists of whites at 63% and Hispanic Latinos at 24%. Children under 5 years constitute 10.9%, 33.8% for children below 18 years and persons above 65 years are 6.5% of the population. Population in Industrial Heights constitutes a majority of Hispanic/Latinos consisting of 46.8%. Black/African Americans consist of 13.1%. 0.9% of people are above 65 years (Healthcare learning innovations, 2020). 

Signs of Poverty/wealth 

Signs of poverty included old brick buildings with cracks in the Industrial Height with more than one graffiti on them, and homeless people in the streets, for example, around the Interfaith Church. Several trash cans were knocked over spilling the garbage around this neighborhood, for example, the street from School District and even Bogeda market. Large heaps of garbage around the buildings, for example, Acer Condominium (Healthcare learning innovations, 2020).  Signs of wealth included the Presence of modern architecture buildings which are well painted, for example, Sentinel Health Care System, located next to the main road, and properly maintained roads and clean environment in the Nightingale Square. The presence of modern buildings some residential and other commercials with central heating areas and air conditioning indicated wealth (Healthcare learning innovations, 2020).

Churches or Denominations 

I noticed a Roman Catholic Church as I moved towards Industrial Heights. I also identified the Interfaith Church. There were women dressed in veils, while men were in robes that indicates the Muslim faith. The churches were well maintained which indicated frequent use (Healthcare learning innovations, 2020). 

Who do you see on the Streets? 

On the streets, there were teenagers and adults who appeared to be heading towards the “Grocery Store” or “Downtown Store. Around the Acer Tech neighborhood, couples and adults were outside some with their children. There were many children within the Height Elementary School playground on West Main Street. Students were walking towards the school  and a police officer (Healthcare learning innovations, 2020). 

Dogs on or off Leash, other Animals 

I identified a stray cat outside Joe’s Grocery and another one in Acer Tech Square  walking around. A dog was spotted across from Downtown Store. In Industrial Heights, the  sidewalks were rat-infested due to trash. There are trees along the streets on which I could spot  birds on them (Healthcare learning innovations, 2020). 

Homeless Persons, Or Beggars 

I noticed there are homeless people on the streets of Sentinel city neighborhoods,  for example, near Interfaith Church. Most of these homeless people seemed to depend on the  Soup Kitchen for food and accommodation from the affordable housing program launched by the  government (Healthcare learning innovations, 2020). 

Target Population of Interest within Sentinel City 

Adults 18 -64 years with lower income  Demographic Data  Adults in this age bracket 18- 64 years constitute 64% of the total population. In  Nightingale, they constitute 77.8%, in Acer Tech they make up about 69.1%. In Casper Park  District they are 59.7% of the population (Healthcare learning innovations, 2020). 

Health Status Indicators 

  • Access to health facilities and medical insurance 
  • Environmental quality 
  • Nutritional and physical activity 
  • Substance abuse

Major Health Concerns affecting the Target Population 

Various health concerns are facing adults between the ages of 18-64 years in  sentinel city. They include environmental pollution and respiratory health issues, as I noticed  trash and garbage that was scattered all over in some parts of the neighborhood. For example,  there is trash outside Joe’s Grocery, Acer Condominiums, and in Industrial Height, it is scattered  all over the streets. There were other buildings emitting smoke that pollutes the environment.  This pollution might be a source of respiratory diseases in this city (Healthcare learning  innovations, 2020). 

Drug and substance abuse is another health concern. According to reports, 24% use  tobacco, 26% use alcohol, 12% use marijuana, 7% use heroin, 1% use methamphetamine, and  5% use cocaine. Drug and substance abuse can have serious consequences on a community  including social, mental, and physical problems. It can result to increase in violence, teenage  pregnancies, and crime in the community (Healthcare learning innovations, 2020).  Gang-related violence and injury is also another concern. Sentinel city has recorded  cases of a 100 aggravated assault, 20 homicides, and robbery. Records of criminal trespassing,  reckless conduct, and intoxications have been reported. Violence and injury have major  consequences on citizens including, poor mental health, premature death, decreased productivity,  and high medical bills (Healthcare learning innovations, 2020). 

Sexually Transmitted Diseases prevalence and access to health care services.

Seven  cases of STDs had been diagnosed and also teenage pregnancy in this community. According to  the City School District, students in higher learning institutions with comprehensive student  health services access are 9%, 24% of the student had limited access and 67% of students had no  access (Healthcare learning innovations, 2020). 

Goals based on CDC and Healthy People 2020 relating to the Health Concerns 

Healthy People 2020 goal is to ensure overall individual health by ensuring  environmental health is improved. The goal is focused on six areas which include the quality of  outdoor air. By improving the quality of air, through factory pollution regulation some  respiratory diseases can be avoided (Healthy people, 2020).  Concerning STDs prevalence and access to health services, Healthy People 2020  goal is on STDs prevention and complications resulting from them through, strengthening, and  increasing access to health care services that are of high quality and promoting sexual behaviors  that are healthy. The CDC focuses on the need to talk, take tests, and treat STDs. The goal is to  curb the rate of spread and promote healthy sexual behaviors (Healthy people, 2020).  Preventing injury, violence and its consequences is a goal of Healthy People 2020  in the community. To curb violence and unintentional injury the city can adopt new legislation  and enforcements against violence, and also modify the community through a change of social  norms and relationships (Healthy people, 2020).  Healthy People 2020 and the CDC goal is reducing substance abuse and protecting  the health and life quality for all. Interventions to deal with this in sentinel city can include drug  abuse screening, mentoring programs and behavior counseling, and sobriety checkpoints. Mass  media campaigns against substance abuse can also be used to inform people about the dangers of  drug abuse (Center for disease control, 2020).


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